Teaching method

In the last decades there has been a lot of research on how a foreign language can successfully and effectively be taught and learned. Meanwhile, there is an agreement on one point: it is crucial that the foreign language is learned in an environment of natural communication without influence of one’s own native language. Therefore, our method contains complete immersion (“full immersion“) into the foreign language, without use of the native language. Like the mother tongue is acquired relatively unconsciously, this principle of immersing into a foreign language simulates this original process. The emphasis lays more in contents, and less in the purely formal aspects of the language.

Focus of our method:

  • Experienced trainer team, flexibly responding to the learning habits of the students
  • Facilitation of goal-oriented fast learning
  • Facilitation of active communication in the foreign language
  • Reduction of language inhibition
  • All senses are trained which are important when using a language: Speaking – Listening – Reading – Writing
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